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Welcome to Portland Presents!

The program book for Northern New England’s most prominent arts and entertainment organizations.


One Ad 
One Program Book 
Four Premiere Audiences 

It’s simple.

A single, cost-effective ad in the Portland Presents program guide reaches four premiere performance audiences. 


What we offer...

Celebrating our 29th consecutive year, this program book reaches the audiences of Portland’s premiere

arts and entertainment organizations. We host some of the most exciting performances in northern New England

that are attended by thousands each year. That’s why most of our advertisers place ads in Portland Presents year after year!


Portland Presents puts you in touch with thousands of captivated consumers with one single ad; September - July 

A cost-effective means of reaching your key customers. 


Reach highly targeted audiences with a proven track record of spending.

The majority of our audiences are well-educated, upscale consumers. 



One ad, one program, four premiere audiences.

A proven cost-effective product.

Will you consider joining us for next season?

For more information contact our Sales Manager Linda Mehlhorn at or (207) 767-0085

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